upset with that i didnt even try to get anything into an art book i was enthusiastically invited to join…sigh

i just hate coloring tbh. need to find something that works with how i ink, seems most people don’t really do the heavy inks look and go for the painterly style, which is cool too but iono if the 2 mix well. hmm hmm



Anime Midwest Day 2 Saturday - Fitting/Q&A

This was my “slow day” at the con, since I only had stuff to do from 8-1 and had the rest of the day for whatever I wanted.

I woke up an hour earlier than I wanted for the fitting, but I guess earlier is always better than later! I got to chat with the other models and everyone was very nice. Lots of out of state/country?! models, too! Though technically I guess I was also out of state as well ^^

At 8, Kano-san and the interpreter came and brought in 2-3 giant boxes of BTSSB clothes! It was so exciting, so much burando!! Kano-san laid out the outfits  and each model was called to be assigned to an outfit. They printed out the pictures we sent in the application, and it had our names/measurements on the bottom. I was number 7, to model (get a load of this friggin’ name though) “Wonder story comes in the rose blooming night ~Alice’s Halloween through the Looking-Glass~” Violetta jumper skirt in the Minty Sax colorway. Honestly I was really, really nervous for weeks about what I would be wearing, if it would have shirring or not, and I was really relieved it did! I can fit into unshirred stuff, but I definitely prefer shirring for comfortableness.

We all finished at about 11, with the BTSSB Q&A starting at 12:30. Or at least this is what I thought…I was casually getting ready and my friend’s girlfriend told me the Q&A was actually at 11:30, not 12:30! It was 11:33 when I was told this, so even though I wasn’t finished getting ready I dashed out of my hotel room! I met up with my friend Kim along the way and we ran to the Q&A together, only 7 minutes late ^^;

The Q&A was really funny! Isobe-san has a very dry sense of humor, while Kano-san seemed shy. Tidbits I can remember off the top of my head:

- There is a high possibility of BTSSB coming back to Chicago/opening up a store is there is enough demand/they did well at AM/people willing to help them find locations and stuff

-Isobe-san was asked “What are your day to day activities for BTSSB?” The person who asked the question was wondering about what he did in regards to work for the company, but instead Isobe-san gave us his daily routine: wake up at 12:00pm noon, go to work at 4:00pm to play with his dog Popo, go home an hour later, eat sashimi and drink sake and watch TV, then go to sleep. We all laughed really hard!

-I think they were both impressed that people in Chicago owned rarer dresses by them!

That’s all I can remember. I dashed out as soon as the panel was done so I could go back to my room and get ready, but I guess both Isobe-san and Kano-san stayed to chat afterwards. Oops.

I had the rest of the day free, so I went with a pretty big group to the mall to get food! That burger was my first real meal the whole weekend, I ate it all in like 2 minutes flat.

Oh! I managed to get a picture with them both (wearing AP…awkward…but jewelry/wristcuffs/otk/parasol were BTSSB!) and I twinned with my friend Caitlin, where I paired my blue OP with white and her sax jsk with black. It was pretty cool! Also pretty funny, because we ended up twinning the same print for the fashion show as well.

That’s all I remember for now! Will do day 3 laters.



Anime Midwest Day 1 - BTSSB Tea Party

Woke up at around 7:30 AM from nerves - think I spent a record amount of time getting ready, 3.5 hours, because I needed a lot of help getting ready lol.

I had a few hours to kill before the tea party, so I headed down to the BTSSB booth which had a lot of great stock! I ended up buying a really cool AatP eyepatch. I hesitated on buying a dress, and unfortunately my hesitation made me lose out on some nice JSKs, my friends were the ones who bought them, lol. I coincidentally ran into fellow Milwaukee friends Isabella and Melissa and took a photo.

I decided to show up an hour early for the tea party and not surprisingly a bunch of people were there waiting too! I was able to talk to a few Chicago girls that I haven’t seen in awhile, sign the scrapbook and banner that was made.

The hour went by so fast and then it was time for the tea party! All of us Milwaukee girls ended up sitting by each other (because we’re shy I guess lol). We took a picture with President Akinori Isobe and Designer Masumi Kano, who were of course very nice and sweet. Towards the end, we presented them with the scrapbook and they both got really teary eyed, it was very sweet. They looked at every page! When they got to the Milwaukee page, there was a picture of all of us doing hengao and everyone started laughing, I got a little embarrassed but that’s okay! I live for hengao!

Right before the party was over, there was a best dressed contest! No one knew about it, and we all debated who would win. My prediction was correct, my friend and fellow Milwaukee member Jeanette won with a wedding dress series that Kano herself designed! I should have bet money on her, I would have made a nice winning.

After the tea party, some of us congregated and chatted and took some photos. By that time I was ready to get my friggin outfit OFF, I was feeling pretty gross and sweaty lmao. Took one more selfy before ripping everything off and bumming the rest of the day in pjs and watching lets plays with fellow milwaukeeans/chicago people.

(I’ll do an outfit breakdown when I find a better outfit shot somewhere…)